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attack. and the administration's changing explanation. >> i'm not going to vote for brennan until the c.i.a. said they did change the talking points. lets us know who did it and why. we have a picture of what happened real-time in benghazi. >> senate floor. majority leader warped of threats abroad. and republicans in advance of tuesday committee vote. >> it's crucial we have a dedicated individual like john brennan the nation's prominent intelligence agency. >> republican again and again, rejected politics in a confirmation process. >> the swing vote on the intelligence committee, ron widen and udall had no comment today. separately fox news was told a release of information was anticipated tonight. the ranking republican on the committee chambliss late today he would need to speak with feinstein before tomorrow's scheduled vote could proceed. >> presenting united front behind john kerry's meeting with the saudi counterpart today. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports tonight on kerry's efforts to shore up miles per hour interest in the region. >> -- americans interest in
>> dana: i am going -- >> greg: i am changing my one more thing. we found out that andrea tantaros has a new radio show in january. debuted at number seven in the country. congratulations to andrea. she is well deserved. there are people in front of her that i think would not be, it wouldn't a great loss. >> greg: how nice of you? are you suggesting that could be killed? >> bob: you could do it that way. >> andrea: don't do anything rash. >> bob: i was one of the first guest on your show, right? >> andrea: the first guest. >> bob: you didn't do too well. >> andrea: you should come back. we have a game show for you. >> bob: you asked me ridiculous questions. >> andrea: we played a game show. played one with eric, too. rock and load with eric. played a country music quiz with dana. >> eric: congratulations. thank you. >> andrea: the work is very, very hard. >> eric: my turn? >> greg: yes, eric. >> eric: full screen breathe. one more time. there is still time. open hour white house. hashtag it and trend it. trending on and off all day. if you want to twitter. @presssec. that is jay ca
california's prop 89 and the federal defense of marriage act or doma. carl cameron examines the changing culture on the issue and big money behind it. >> reporter: political spending spiked in the 2012 election side. they spent $42 million and opponents spent $11 million. maine and maryland legalize same-sex marriage by popular votes. >> step by step, town by town, federal equality. >> reporter: new york based gay rights group spent $7 million in the last two years. the mayor donated $250,000. gates foundation kicked in half a million and pe sogs contributed 2 beaten $5 million. the biggest in denver based gill foundation, it doled out $14 million for gay efforts in the last few years. the largest gay rights organization in washington, d.c. is the human rights campaign, 30 years old, 1.5 million members and $30 million annual budget. there are dozens of gay rights groups with w countless chapters including a growing group on the right. but compared to the billions spent on modern political campaigns, money behind gay rights initiatives is fairly small. popular entertainment and coverage
carney insists in a one-page plan on the white house website, the president has more detail about changes to major programs like medicare and social security. >> have you looked at the ryan budget? can you sipe a single item in tax reform, single loophole to close $5 trillion. that is a lot of money? not one. >> reporter: as the president went behind closed doors today with the senate democrats, senator patry murray released their budget plan and medicare and medicaid alone, raising questions about whether the president will be able to get his fellow democrats to support the entitlement reform he has pledged with house leader nancy pelosi suggesting to cnn she does not want to touch entitlements. >> if the point of it is to take trophies, that doesn't save money. it's a trophy. it's a scalp. but not a solution. >> tomorrow, the president meets with the white house republicans, amid questions about whether the outreach is for show. after an unnamed white house official told "national journal" this is a joke. we're wasting the president's time and ours. i hope you all in the media are happy
. we certainly hope that the president will change his mind and submit a plan that actually balances the budget. >> the senate plans to vote on the dueling plans and a whole series of amendments tomorrow. democrats say they favor a balanceed approach and republicans say they back a budget. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. dow lost 90. s&p 500 dropped 13. the nasdaq fell 32. cyprus is officially on the clock. european bankers have given cyprus four days to come up with a new plan to avoid bankruptcy. senior foreign affairs greg palkot tells us what the hurry is. >> anger outside of the cyprus parliament. bank employees are worried they will lose their job. the both would take measure to consolidate the troubled cypriot financial failure to protect the smaller deposito depositors, said to be part of plan "b" to contribute to multibillion dollar bail out by the country. >> there is only one tactic. to save our economy and our country. >> the original plan for cyprus to tap in private bank account. it was nixed by officials after widespread outrage. a new approach includes a solid
about the drone policy. so are members of the judiciary committee who heard eric holder possibly change his position on the theoretical use of drones to kill u.s. citizens on american soil. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has tonight's top story. i thought i was saying no. >> that simple answer had to be forced out of attorney general eric holder. >> does the constitution allow u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose an imminent threat to be killed by the government? >> this is a hypothetical. i would not think in that situation use of drone or lethal force would be appropriate -- >> general holder, i find it remarkable in that hypothetical which is deliberately simple, you are unable to give a simple one-word, one syllable answer. no. >> not clear the response to the senate committee is a reversal of the march 4 letter to rand paul where he writes, "it is possible i supposed to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary an appropriate under the constitution and applicable laws of the united states for the president to authorize the milit
for g.o.p. change. >> the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss covered. the new g.o.p. will need to embrace liberty in the economic and the personal sphere. >> others eyeing the white house or being urged to address cpac are jeb bush, louisiana governor bobby jindal and wisconsin governor scott walker who share cpac concern that the republicans not abandon core principles and misguided overreaction to last year election defeat. some including mitt romney, sarah palin, michele bachmann, newt gingrich and even donald trump plan to share lessons learned from past campaign defeat for those mulling over future contest. rick santorum has not ruled out running again. neither has fellow 2012 con zesttant rick perry who says he supports legitimate government. just not unlimited government. two popular governors were snubbed by cpac. new jersey governor chris christie for praising the president's response to super storm sandy and expanding medicaid in garden state. virginia's bob mcdonald who raised taxes to pay for overdue transportation projects in his state. cpac officials make no apolo
tax state. >> the game is rigged. yuf want win. we can change the rules on you after the fact. that is not fair. >> ironically for a tax break design to inven insent vise investment, it's reinforcing california antibusiness reputation. jerry brown issued a statement -- we are reviewing the situation to term how best to help the business owners given court's decision." >> ultimately, the legislature can try to fix it but the bill is still on the governor's desk. >> state he affected taxpayers can request a waiver to hope they lamer out a deal. if the reprieve does not come, the tax man will. >> bret: william la jeunesse in los angeles. thank you. >>> the house has begun general debate on the budget on capitol hill. that discussion will continue in to tomorrow. followed by debate on the proposals by republican paul ryan. alternatives. housing start meantime continue to rise. february's numbers where are behind only december's. as the best since 2008. building permit request reached 4-1/2-year high. dow liked that returning to the positive side a bit. gaining four. s&p 500 droppe
has to be their friend, i suppose you can force the child to say this is my friend. but it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. that is what seems to me the supporters of proposition 8 is here. all you're interested in is the label and you insist to change the definition of the label. >> justice kennedy who many believe could serve in the swing vote signaled he is empathetic how the ruling will impact children of same-sex couples. >> there are 4,000 children in california -- 40,000 children in california living with same-sex parents. they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. the voice of the children is important in this case, don't you think? >> reporter: just like the comment from justice kennedy. he cautioned that the court is wading to unchartered waters. he said at one point that he is not sure the case is properly before the court. there are technical issues about the standing to the party of the dispute and several justices signal they may not get to merits of the case. >> shannon bream outside the supreme court. thank you so much.
. >> reporter: the epa says the gasoline change reducing sulfur by two-thirds wouldn't go into effect for four years and have the pollution impact of taking 30 million cars off the road. agency says the change would cost about penny a gallon. critics say it would be more like a dime. oepa says 29 of the nation's 111 refineries already meet the sulfur standard and only 16 take major modifications. they think the industry is exaggerating the cost. >> this is kind of game people play in d.c. where if you don't want to embark upon the required necessary investments in refining infrastructure you painted a doom and gloom scenario. >> reporter: they say the changes would prevent tens of thousands of child respiratory ailments and save 2400 lives a year but oklahoma congressman wants proof of that. >> my child has asthma. i get this and i understand this. you can't make a unilateral declaration and have capricious regulation that doesn't have the real effect other than raising prices. >> reporter: oil industry officials say the country would use the same gasoline coast to coast. >> we all know what t
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three weeks ago announced his res eg resignatio. >> the announcement doesn't change support for the syrian oppositionor coalition. >> secretary kerry and his aths said the resignation of one man isn't as important as need for unity among the rebels but it appears more illusive tonight. the offer to negotiate with the assad regime, extended at the behest of the administration that weakped the up port amongst the rebels -- support amongst the rebels. >> shannon: we are learning what role we play in this. >> it's been confirmed that the united states is training its own forces or forces from other part of the middle east in jordan for eight to 12 months to do battle with the forces loyal to the syrian president. >> crisis with no clear end in sight. thank you. >>> shocking cost for taxpayers to put the voice president up in the hotel. later in the grapevine. up next, immigration reform. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has
. it's a tough year of change. i want you to know something, eric, it has been -- we have been on the air two years. you are a pro. you have done more to promote the show than anything else. >> eric: love you brother. >> andrea: happy birthday. >> dana: are you going to niss we'll show you that on monday. thank you for watching. good night. ♪ ♪ >> bret: this a fox news alert. it's here. president obama is expected to sign an executive order tonight implementing $85 billion in cuts of cuts to the growth of federal spending. an idea he put on the table at the start of one of biggest games of political poker in recent memory. we have fox team coverage tonight. this is just beginning in a series of potential budget battleles. we begip with chief white house correspondent ed henry on the president exasperateed reaction. >> good afternoon. the top aide say any moment now they will order the budget office to start the cut and leading to come out today and incyst he is not to blame. president obama called the force cut arbitrary and dumb. repeatedly framing this as a situation if t
policies. >> obamacare will change that allowing a 3 to 1 difference to drive rates up for younger people. >> substantially higher, maybe double what they were paying. of course, that will cause young people say is it worth it? i go without inurious. >> it's absolutely going to be a premium shock for people that are basically younger and healthier. >> a lot of the great shock will be eaten up by the subsidiaries they will receive. >> the fine for an individual not having insurance is low. $95 a year in 2014. so what if young people decide to wait until they get sick, then sign up? >> that would be perfectly allowable under the law. so you could see many million of people moving in that direction. >> that would be perfectly legal, but lethal for obamacare hope to cover everyone and lower costs at the same time. shannon? >> shannon: much more to come on this. thank you. >> absolutely. thanks. >> shannon: deliberative senators working as quickly as possible and that can only mean one thing. it's time to get out of town. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live at the capital wi
. we start saying bunch of chemical weapons moving around or utilized. that would change my calculus. >> back in washington today, the top republican charged the administration's policy has been adrift. >> the obama administration saw assad as a reformer in their words. it backed the u.n. diplomacy and bet on moscow to play a productive role. none of this worked. >> netanyahu's intelligence director said it's clear that the chemical weapons were used in syria. the chairman of the house intelligence committee said he believes that chemical weapons were used by the regime as a caveat. >> i like the see forensic evidence. >> embassy shuttered for year hedged on the chemical weapons. >> i can't tell you what happened. i can tell you we have a large team of people working on it. >> the syrian regime lost control with turkey and iraq. when they visit on friday, they are bracing for the possibility that the civil war could spread there. >> ed henry traveling with the president in jerusalem. thank you. now to iran, both leaders made clear they do not intend to allow the republic to get nucle
a milestone, chief white house correspondent ed henry reports how little has changed. >> 100 days have now passed since president obama made this vow about gun control. memorial service for the victims of the sandy hook massacre. >> we can't tolerate this anymore. the tragedies must end. >> reporter: with momentum for reform sagging as more time passes the white house announced today the president will hold a big event thursday in the east room. >> we will stand with mothers who want congress to take action on common sense measures to protect children from gun violence. >> the move comes with three republicans threatening a filibuster when the senate votes in coming weeks. >> when there is a constitutional right at stake, it's important for to us utilize every procedural tool we have at our disposal. to make sure that those rights are not taken away from the american people casualty. >> that argument may be breaking through. with the new cbs news poll finding support for tougher laws reached a high of 57%, just after the sandy hook tragedy, support for stricter rules dipped to 47%. while 3
as the other cardinals are, that changes need to be made. vatican bureaucracy known as the roman curia needs to be overhauled. you can say mismanagement has plagued it. we had the butler stealing documents. we have had miscommunications between different departments. i think he will be forth right in defending the right of the faithful against predatory priests to eliminate the problem completely from the church. it is also going to propose a challenge to the world. we live in a secularized society in the west. by his example and by the name francis he is reminding us true joy in life does not come from wealth and riches but comes from serving god and serving our neighbor. >> bret: father gerald murray, thank you for your time. we'll be continuing this story throughout the show. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: just in a bit we'll talk to cardinal from washington, d.c. in rome. inside the conclave and he will join us live as well. social media, as you may imagine all over the pope's story. twitter reports 130,000 tweets per minute. following pope francis' introduction with 6 million tweets so fa
. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports tonight that may be starting to change. >> for the first time sinister rorrist attacked a diplomatic mission and the c.i.a. outpost annex in libya, the state department confirmed how many employees were hurt and the nature of their injuries. >> one with smoke inhilllation. at the temporary mission facility. one at the annex seriously injured. one at the left annex less seriously injuried and then a contractor. >> reporter: separately a dib low mattic source told fox news one suffered a severe head injury in the second wave of the attack when the annex came under rpg and mortar fire. in a an interview with fox's james rosen, secretary of state kerry confirmed a state department agent treated at walter reed as late as january. >> i have visited with one of the survivors at the bethesda hospital who is remarkably courageous perp and doing very, very -- person and doing very, very well. it called his wife and talked to her. >> six months after the ambassador chrissteins and three others were killed, leave republicans in the ho
are determined to change president assad's calculation. that is one part of it, but other nations are doing other things. >> reporter: later a senior state official said he was referring to the totality of effort at rome. he dises closed for firgh time efforts he has made as secretary to acquire a better you can of the benghazi attack. >> why have we not heard from any of the benghazi survivors? >> well, i can't tell you the answer to that. i can tell you i have visited with one of the survivors at bethesda hospital who is doing very, very well. >> will we hear from them? >> i don't know what the circumstances are of any questions to talk to him. >> reporter: president obama vowed that the perpetrators would be brought to justice, it's been six months. will we see justice brought to those perpetrators? >> i hope we will. i know the president is committed to try to do so. i have personally talked to the f.b.i. director to get a brief on exactly where we stand in that process. >> reporter: what did he tell you? >> he told me literally on the eve of his departure to go to tripoli in order to talk wi
reform has just released a report that could fundamentally change the way that we physicians are paid. quality and efficiency will be rewarded. and intricate procedures like dr. meyers could be further in jeopardy. for doctors, patients and worried parents. it's a brave new world. in new york, dr. marc seigel, fox news. >> bret: police in central california say no criminal charges will be filed against the retirement home nurse who refused to perform cpr on the dying resident. the facility's owner initially declared that the woman was following policy. yesterday the company reversed itself saying the nurse misinterpreted the guidelines and is on voluntary leave. coroner in central california says the animal park intern who was killed inside a lion's cage died quickly of a broken neck. investigators still are not saying how 26-year-old hanson got in the cage or why. president obama and the charm offensive. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars after a quick break. @e@8ñúñ÷@@@0@ú >>> i would like to acknowledge because of the changed circumstances and sequester there i
a hig minor change. >> with our reforms food stamps would have brown by 250% in the last ten years instead of 270% like they did grow. >> of course, repealing obamacare is unlikely to get through the senate. but ryan's move could focus attention on the criticism and the skepticism about the plan. recent polls show more than half of people asked want to repeal all or part of obamacare. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. >>> wall street came off a record record by hitting another record. record high close today. dow finished ahead 50 to end up at just more than 14,447. the s&p 500 gaped five. th -- s&p 500 gained five. nasdaq up 8-1/2. >>> thursday, president obama will meet with the non-profit organizing group. which has come under fire for selling access to the president. more in the panel. >>> and two candidates to replace hugo chavez were formally registered today. hand-picked successor t maduro arrived in front of thousands of supporters. the massive crowd blocked caprillas from registering by the deadline and he asked the election officials to extend the registration period. still
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